Like everyone these days, we’re exploring new ways to connect with colleagues and clients as more and more organisations and communities close down their buildings and fire up their computers.

It’s been a steep learning curve but they’re the kind we like.

We’re discovering both the limitations and the possibilities of remote facilitation and training (usually on the fly!) and what we’ve seen so far has convinced us that what currently feels like Business as Unusual will inevitably become part of the New Normal.

In the last few weeks we’ve:

  • run a problem solving webinar for a Global Population Health network
  • demonstrated key decision making tools for a community support initiative
  • presented business transformation masterclass for a global finance company
  • facilitated strategic planning for Australia’s leading conservation authority
  • brainstormed with an international talent agency…

…all without anyone having to leave their spare room.

Of course, long-distance collaboration was here long before the coronavirus but now that people are beginning to realise its potential for building communities for creative and strategic thinking, we’re getting a sneak preview of how we might all be more productive, engaged and sustainable once this Pandemic is over.

So if you’re still not sure how to bring your people together while keeping them as far apart as possible, talk to us about Minds on Tap, our new long-distance training and facilitation service.

A pandemic can shut doors. But it can also open minds.

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