There IS a better way… let’s find it! Tap into the genius of the people around you to create the future you want. Does your working culture encourage imagination and creativity or does it flatten that sort of thing? Do you even need to innovate at all or is it just another management fad?

Problem Solving
How did you get into your current situation and just how many escape routes are open to you? If you could fully appreciate your problems, could you develop effective strategies to solve them, once and for all? What if you could identify whatever is stopping you from doing great things… and get past it?

Decision Making
The life you have right now is the logical consequence of the decisions you’ve made so far. So how did you make those decisions? Did you have a process or did you let external forces make the decision for you? And then of course there’s the question of your future – how it turns out will be determined by the decisions you make now – so isn’t now a good time to sharpen up your decision making skills?

The Vision Thing
Are you motivated by a powerful notion, a vision of the world you want to live in? Or are you just getting through life one day at a time? Imagine what you could achieve if you took the time to think a little bigger and found a larger purpose to give your life and your work a little more focus.

Figure out where is the world going and decide what you want to be when it gets there. Can you set a direction for others to follow, or will you be the one tagging along? Will you wait till the future gets here or will you be the one to create it?

Working Culture
Embrace the differences between people. Get them out of their silos by orchestrating and focussing their diverse talents and experience to achieve a common goal. Turn rivalry into collaboration. Win valuable prizes. (just kidding).

Change surfing
When you’ve given up the idea of managing change (or even avoiding it all together) then maybe it’s time you learned how to embrace it, harness it, make it work for you and your team. Who knows? You might even want to create a little change of your own!

It’s one of those remarkable things that only human beings do; we transmit the contents of our minds into the minds of others. But some people are way better at it than others. So what’s their secret?

Futurescoping – Clairvoyance for Beginners
The future belongs to those who see it first… but how do they do that? Is the future a mystery or a repeat of what’s happened before? Is it possible to extrapolate from Where We’ve Been and Where We Are, to take a stab at Where We’re Going? If you’re not happy to wait till the future gets here, then it’s time to discover how to reconfigure your life experience to build a plausible picture of what’s to come.