Welcome to What To Do Next, a resource site devoted to helping you figure out What To do Next.

We’re a small but passionate band of professional thinkers who have been Helping People Think since the turn of the century. We work with companies and organisations but we’re constantly being approached by individuals (or small groups) who are looking for something a little more… tailored.

‘Should I stay in this job or break out on my own?’

‘How can I resolve a problem that’s been driving me crazy for years now?’

‘Will my idea work or am I missing something?’

‘Quick! Do I cut the blue wire or the red wire?’

Over the last decade we’ve coached hundreds of people through a huge range of challenges and we’re starting to notice a few recurring themes. A lot of the people we’ve met have struggled to make a decision. Some don’t know how to. Some know how but just don’t want to.

Some don’t know how to solve a problem, while still more don’t even know what the problem is.

Some lack ideas, others lack focus. Some know exactly what they want, they just don’t know how to say it out loud. Some are actually waiting for someone else to do something. To apologise. Or to forgive. Or to understand. Or to leave, retire or, in extreme cases, even die.

So many paths, but everyone ends up in the same place: “I just don’t know What To Do Next”.

And so we created this site to help people figure that out.

We’ll be posting regular articles and updates to explore key ideas and themes we think you might find helpful, so if the inspiration or tools you need aren’t here right now, just wait a bit. Or if you can’t wait, drop us a line and let us know what’s missing.

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Written by Jason Clarke

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Celebrated author, adventurer, gold medal Olympian and popular TV chef; Jason is none of these things. He is, however, one of the most sought-after creative minds in the country. As founder of Minds at Work, he’s helped people ‘think again’ since the end of the last century, working with clients across Australia in virtually every industry and government sector on issues ranging from creativity and trouble shooting to culture change and leadership.