The word of the week is sledging – it has been described as everything from banter to bullying to workplace abuse – but what we do know is that the sportsman think it is part of the game and that outsiders think the behavior is unacceptable.

I wonder where they could have learnt this appalling behavior?  After all, there is nowhere else that constant abuse and denigration is permitted in a workplace in this country.  There is nowhere else that cat calling and threats are issued with venom.  There is nowhere else that one side supports the other sides right to sledge.

Except for one place…our Federal Parliament.  The behavior exhibited in Parliament very much reflects the behavior exhibited on the cricket field, the sledging, the venom, the disrespect – except that in parliament it is all done is eyesight and hearing of those who watch it.

But we think it’s ok in parliament, we must, as it is not on the front pages, the talkback and the general media commentary.

So why do we expect better of our cricketers than we do of our politicians?  Perhaps if our politicians behaved better then it would filter to other parts of our community.

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Written by Lisa Smith

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Lisa is a professional thinker dedicated to helping people unlock their innate creativity and to empower them to think differently – for themselves. She is passionate about building innovative cultures and about harnessing and engaging talent to create thinking communities. Lisa holds an MBA, specialising in organisational change and innovation, which forms the nucleus of her work. She relishes opportunities to share the Minds at Work thinking strategies with government bodies, socially responsible corporate, educators, community groups and farmers, helping them to turn their big ideas into realities.